Marketing For Better Health

Few thought leaders have freely shared as many tips for healthcare marketers over the years as Dan Dunlop, principal at Jennings. This collection of videos from his blog, The Healthcare Marketer, includes tips for post-pandemic planning, addressing consumer fears, using effective content marketing to improve community health, and much more.

  • Episodes: 10
  • Seasons: 2

Season 1

Developing Your Post Pandemic Marketing Strategy

Episode 1

This episode details the plan for healthcare marketing and communications professionals to plan their post pandemic strategy.

COVID-19 Fear and Anxiety

Episode 2

This episode describes the fear and anxiety felt by many consumers as a result of the pandemic and how healthcare marketers must address it.

Content Development

Episode 3

This episode identifies some common obstacles to successfully scaling content development, and how to overcome them.

Role of the Digital Marketer

Episode 4

This episode describes how the role of the digital marketer has evolved in healthcare.

Thought Leadership Content Marketing With Signature

Episode 5

This episode shares unique ways in which the Signature team demonstrates return on their thought leadership content marketing programs.

Thought Leadership Content Marketing With Renown Health

Episode 6

This episode shares how Renown Health uses thought leadership content marketing to achieve business goals, but more importantly, improve the health of their community.

Season 2

The Expanded Role of the Healthcare Marketer

Episode 7

This episode outlines the expanded role of the healthcare marketer in today’s society.

Patient Safety

Episode 8

This episode describes the opportunity and responsibility for healthcare marketers to impact patient safety.

Population Health

Episode 9

This episode outlines the importance of addressing population health in marketing efforts.

The Service Line Marketing Checklist

Episode 10

This episode shares a tool to help focus service line leaders who demand marketing support.