The Resilience Journey

Unexpected Moments of Career Resilience, Recovery, and Reinvention

Millions of professionals are struggling with unexpected job changes, unfulfilling work, and derailed career plans. Many feel paralyzed and unable to take the first step back after work takes a surprising turn.

This video interview series uncovers the unexpected moments in the career journeys of leaders in business, marketing, healthcare, and entertainment as they have recovered or reinvented themselves in innovative ways. How did they develop career resilience? What was their mindset, and what actions did they take? What have been the lowest points in their careers, and how did they take that first step back?

Join host Jared Johnson, founder of the Content Network, and discover the moments that matter on your journey to fulfilling, meaningful, and profitable work.

  • Seasons: 1
  • Episodes: 6

Joe Pulizzi

Episode 1

Our first stop on The Resilience Journey is with Joe Pulizzi, the godfather of Content Marketing. Joe will tell you a thing or two about timing. He launched what became Content Marketing Institute on the very day in April 2007 that New Century Financial declared bankruptcy – the first domino that fell leading up to the Great Recession. You’ll learn how Joe moved forward early on, after he lost one of his top clients and his credit cards were maxed out.

You’ll learn his mindset as he realized that there is no perfect time to make the change you want to make. And you’ll hear how everything changed for him – and for the entire Content Marketing industry – when he stopped trying to sell a service and started listening to what his audience wanted.

Robert Rose

Episode 2

Our second stop on the Resilience Journey is with Robert Rose. What you may know about Robert is that he’s the content marketing strategist, Full Stop. If you’re one of the world’s biggest brands and want to do cool, amazing things with your content strategy, content marketing, and customer experience, you call Robert. What you may not know about him is what his former life as a musician, his English lit degree, and his quest to find the right platform all have to do with him developing career resilience.

You’ll learn how Robert discovered that it’s better to market where you’re going, not where you are. You’ll hear how he describes resilience as not bouncing back, but bouncing forward. And he’ll point out that all the innovative things we hear about, anywhere, were created by people who weren’t any smarter than you or me. They just went out there and did it.

Jess Columbo

Episode 3

Our third stop on the Resilience Journey is with Jess Columbo, one of the country’s leading digital and social media experts. One thing I really enjoyed while speaking with Jess is how mindful she is of the pressures that young professionals put on themselves to power their way up the ladder quickly and take every step in their career paths perfectly.

You’ll learn the power of curiosity and how it powers Jess in a field that requires being nimble every single day. She’ll share how too much focus on your elevator speech can actually paint you into a corner and lock you out from new opportunities. And she’ll point out that while we typically aim for more comfort and less resistance in our work, the growth always comes in the times of discomfort, so learn to embrace it.

Robin Farmanfarmaian

Episode 4

Our fourth stop on the Resilience Journey is with Robin Farmanfarmaian, a healthcare and biotech entrepreneur, professional speaker, and angel investor with a mission to impact 100 million patients. Robin speaks passionately about her experiences being pushed down, overlooked, and ignored earlier in her career despite bringing millions of dollars of revenue through the door.

You’ll learn how Robin used thought leadership to gain the credibility she always deserved. She’ll be candid about how she has overcome gender bias and harrassment in the workplace. And she’ll share how her five-year plan was a turning point to more success than she has ever seen.

Rachel Ford Hutman

Episode 5

Our fifth stop on the Resilience Journey is with Rachel Ford Hutman, who founded Ford Hutman Media at the very moment that we began to realize how serious the pandemic was becoming. With Ford Hutman Media, Rachel provides senior level communications support for leading pharma, healthcare and digital health companies.

In this episode, you’ll learn the importance of confidence, exploring related fields, and swallowing your pride. You’ll hear how Rachel didn’t let the pandemic sidetrack her. She simply redirected her efforts. And she’ll share the answer to the question she gets the most from colleagues – How did she know the time was right for the biggest move in her career?

Linda MacCracken

Episode 6

Our sixth stop on the Resilience Journey is with Linda MacCracken, senior principal for consumer engagement with Accenture, and faculty at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. In both roles, Linda has a window into the challenges of both younger and more seasoned professionals and how they make successful career choices when things don’t go their way.

In this episode, you’ll learn that a job is not about a boss. It’s about who will give you the most money to do what you love to do. You’ll discover how to power your career by your values – the things that matter most in your life, not just at work. And you’ll hear what Linda did earlier in her career when she discovered that an organization did not match her values.