Marketing Forward

A Vision for Marketers to Play a Leading Role in the Consumer Transformation of Healthcare 

Marketers don’t have to sit back and watch as the rules of healthcare get rewritten. They have an important role to play in the consumer transformation of the industry. That’s because marketing professionals often know consumers better than anyone, and they can use that knowledge to improve the healthcare experience for patients while growing their own influence in their organizations.

Marketing Forward is a pep talk, reality check, and call to action rolled into one. It’s a series of nearly 100 passages curated from episodes of the award-winning Healthcare Rap Podcast, organized into 5 key themes:

  1. Reposition your brand for a world where consumers think, act, and buy differently
  2. Turn digital experience into a competitive advantage once and for all
  3. Get your seat at the table and keep it
  4. Set the consumer-first vision and don’t look back
  5. Establish a forward culture

Author Jared Johnson synthesizes dozens of headlines, trends, and conversations in this follow up to 2016’s Connect the Docs, in order to help healthcare marketers seize the opportunities that are in front of them by marketing forward, not back.

Connect the Docs

Put Digital Health Into Practice: A Handbook for Clinicians

Everybody wants clinicians to adopt digital health, but how?

Digital health influencer Jared Johnson asked that question to guests on the Health IT Marketer Podcast and was amazed by their responses.

Health care professionals are facing so many new challenges in today’s landscape of shifting business models, regulations and patient experience initiatives, it can be easy to ignore the innovation that is happening in digital health.

In this easy-to-read compilation, Jared shares conversations with 20 health care technology thought leaders who describe how to partner with patients and use digital health tools. Each conversation is with a well-respected peer in the health IT community — physicians and advocates who empathize, understand the challenges and have experienced their own success.