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Podcast lineup

Healthcare Rap

Hosted ByJared Johnson & Zain Ismail

Provocative thinkers Jared Johnson and Zain Ismail explore the consumer side of disruption. Join them as they profile disruptors and trends that are impacting everyday consumer experiences. If you want to operationalize consumer-first healthcare in your organization, join the movement and subscribe to the Rap today!  The Healthcare Rap is one of the longest lasting...

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Healthcare Changemakers

Hosted ByProphet

Prophet’s Healthcare Changemakers podcast is where healthcare leaders who are driving change in their organizations, as well as today’s healthcare experience, share their stories. In this podcast, you’ll hear from industry-leading healthcare professionals about their personal transformation journeys and what organizations can do to create the next wave of growth today and in the future.

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Trauma-Informed Life

Hosted ByErica Olenski Johansen

Erica Olenski Johansen shares her perspective on improving the U.S. healthcare system as a trauma-informed caregiver, industry insider, mother, woman, and human being. Her hope is that sharing her journey encountering and engaging with the system as a chronic, complex caregiver will create a dialogue that helps improve the experience of healthcare consumers everywhere.

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Paving the Path

Hosted ByShiva Mirhosseini

Paving the path explores the digital renaissance shaping healthcare today and forever changing the future of wellness, care, and health. Join host Shiva Mirhosseini as she paves the path with women game changers, thought leaders, and executives touching the entire spectrum of digital transformation in healthcare!

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Hosted ByChristophe Jauquet

Healthusiasm is an international panel discussion on behaviours, innovations and trends in health and self-care hosted by Christophe Jauquet, author of Healthusiasm and a global keynote speaker on health business. Every month, he discusses with a panel of experts the positive changes that are shaping the future of our health and happiness.

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Healthcare Mixtape

Hosted ByJared Johnson

Healthcare Mixtape is the ultimate playlist of healthcare content that you might have missed the first time. Host Jared Johnson, shares bonus episodes and greatest hits from some of his favorite shows, as well as exclusive interviews with industry insiders, all focused on healthcare change makers and the Disruption of the Now. Time to mix...

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Shift Forward Health

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What Consumers Want

Hosted ByMDRG

What Consumers Want brings the voice of the consumer to the healthcare conversation. Are you interested in getting outside the healthcare echo chamber? Using research and insights, we explore key healthcare opportunities through the eyes of the end consumer. We examine trends outside of healthcare that are driving consumer expectations, as well as what consumers...

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