Innovators Will Leave

Many of the digital innovators that health systems need, are going to leave unless things change. So let’s not tiptoe around this. Because the news about Aaron Martin’s departure from Providence tells us that this might be the perfect time to start talking about it. You may have heard the news that Aaron, Providence’s chief digital…

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The Lowdown on Forward Clinics

Do you know how I know that Forward Health could be on to something? Just a couple of days ago, their pre-roll ad played before I watched a YouTube video, and I didn’t skip it! I have been known to click that Skip Ad button so fast that it practically burns a hole in my…

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Why Should Healthcare Be Consumer-First?

Let’s zoom out for a moment and look at the landscape that’s facing our hospitals and health systems. Then let’s come back to the question that we are addressing a lot lately, “Why should healthcare be consumer-first?” Because before we ask How to build the Healthcare of Tomorrow, we need to understand Why it’s changing….

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