Building an Innovation Lifecycle Ontology

It’s easy to experiment with new tech and produce products that look and sound innovative. It’s much harder to tie your innovation efforts to strategic objectives with measurable outcomes and then scale the solution across your organization. The former leads to “death by pilot”. The latter makes a difference in people’s lives.

We need a more disciplined approach to innovation if we want to make a difference.

In this episode (Ep. 201) we introduce the concept of the Healthcare Delivery Organization Innovation Lifecycle Ontology or HDO-ILO. That’s a fancy way of saying that we are attempting to codify what we’ve learned over the past 200 episodes and through our decades of Health IT / Digital Health innovation experience.

You can find the current draft here: 

Healthcare Delivery Organization Innovation Lifecycle Ontology (HDO-ILO)

Our goal is to help the industry move from a haphazard way of innovation to one that is more thoughtful, deliberate, targeted, measurable, and repeatable.

And we need your help!

There are several asks for the community throughout this episode. Please send us your ideas and experiences. We’ll bring you on to share them with the #HCBiz community and we’ll incorporate them (with credit) into the HDO-ILO.

Let’s innovate on purpose, and with purpose. Together…

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