Freeing up clinical staff from diagnosing and reporting system issues to focus on patients

In this episode of This Week in Health Tech, we welcome Johnathan Klaus to cohost the episode. John is an experienced nurse and has worked in large academic medical center for many years in the cardiac department. He brings wealth of clinical knowledge to the team and we welcome him to cohost the podcast. Jimmy Kim is obviously still around and will be returning soon.

In this episode we focus on freeing up clinical staff from diagnosing and reporting system issues  to focus on patients. This is a common scenario in health systems where clinical staff are required to not only pay attention to their patients, but also deal w/ system – application issues daily. It is such a common thing that many departments have come up with their own daily manual checks and manual checklist to diagnose issues and call the right vendor or helpdesk.

This is a loss of productivity and also affects patient care. How do we avoid this? Listen to this episode to find how technical solutions can help w/ monitoring, detection, investigation, and remediation in a timely manner. 

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